What is an Event Wall? (Step and Repeat Display/Backdrop)

An Event Wall is a graphic display system that allows for a “Step and Repeat” pattern of logos or symbols to be evenly staggered throughout. The Event Wall is strategically placed to ensure that the guests will walk past, be greeted or take photos in front of it for maximum logo, team or brand exposure. For example, during a photo opportunity at an event, as the guests walk the red carpet, event walls are placed in the background, thus capturing and advertising your sponsor logo in every photo.

Am I under any obligation to order the Event Wall?

You are under no obligation until you have both approved of the mockup and confirmed that you wish to proceed with the order, then and only then will your banner be produced.

How long does it take to produce an Event Wall?

Once your order is received, our graphic artist will render a professional, digital mockup using your sponsor logos. This design will then be e-mailed to you for review. Once you have approved the proof, your order will be ready within 3 business days. We will contact you once your banner has been packaged and is ready for pickup or shipping. If you are experiencing rushed time lines, let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Are the Event Walls difficult to install or setup?

Not at all. These units were designed to be “User Friendly”. Once your order is ready for pickup, we supply you with an easy to transport carrying case containing the display hardware and an 8 ft or 10 ft long (depending on your order) packaging tube containing your banner which has been rolled onto a 6 inch core.

The Collapsible display hardware contains no loose parts and is packaged in its own carrying case. Simply open the carrying case, expand the unit in an open flat area and snap the locks into place. Once locked and in place, you simply unroll and apply the Velcro lined banner to the unit which is also Velcro lined for easy installation and take down.

The Telescopic display hardware has minimal setup and comes with instructions. It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Be sure to view our “How To” videos on the main page to decide which display hardware is ideal for your event.

What material is used for a Step and Repeat Banner?

All banners are produced on high quality, matte finish  vinyl to ensure no glare or reflection from either camera flashes or lighting. The material is strong and durable, yet flexible and produces a very vibrant, full color digital print. We also offer fabric banners, please contact us for a quote. The Telescopic Pole Display System is made out of silver coloured anodized steel. The Collapsible Display System is made out of light weight, heavy duty aluminum.

What if I have a custom order request?

Contact us and let us know how we can help, we will do our best to accommodate your request.  We can be reached at sales@eventwalls.ca or simply call us at 905-850-8346.

Do you offer shipping options, installation or pickup?

Absolutely! We can ship to any location across Canada, the United States or Internationally.  Please contact us for shipping rates. We can be reached at sales@eventwalls.ca. or simply call us at 905-850-8346

How do I store my Step and Repeat Banner?

The most important thing to remember about storing or transporting your Banner is NEVER to fold it. Folding your banner can result in permanent creases that will be very difficult or even impossible to remove. To properly store your banner, roll it printed side down to protect the display surface, on the supplied cardboard core and keep in a cool, dry place. If you develop significant creases that require servicing, unroll the vinyl banner onto a flat surface, place a wet cotton cloth over the banner and Iron (be very careful that the iron does not directly touch the vinyl banner. The steam from the heated cloth will eliminate the creases.

How do I pay for my order?

Once you have approved the mockup, submitted your details and confirmed that you wish to proceed with your order, one of our sales representatives will follow up with you by phone or email regarding payment. Also, please feel free to contact us for “in person” payment and pickup options at our location. We accept all major credit cards (Visa/Mastercard and Amex) and Cash. We can be reached at sales@eventwalls.ca or simply call us at 905-850-8346 for all general inquiries.

Privacy Policy and Payment Security.

At EventWalls.ca, our first priority is client confidentiality and security. All of our orders are processed through BeanStream Electronic Payment Processing, a well respected electronic payment processor who link customers, merchants and financial institutions to facilitate electronic transactions. We will not sell or share your personal information with third parties. We will use the information to respond to inquiries and from time to time, we may contact you about products, services or events relevant to your interests. 

11. What type of events can I use my Event Wall for?

Event Walls can promote, enhance or “jazz up” almost any type of function or party.

Below are some of the most popular ideas:

Runway Banners

Golf Tournaments

Event Backdrop Banners

TV Media Backdrops

Retail POP Banners

Charity Events

Birthday Celebrations

Weddings & Special Occasions

Night Club Step and Repeats

Corporate Events

Movie Premiers

Sporting Events

Media Back walls

Red Carpet Events

Museum Exhibits

Retail Store Promotions

Trade show Back walls

Media Banners & Displays

Paparazzi Backdrop

Press Backdrops

Event Walls

Film Festivals

Runway Backdrops

Band Backdrops

Sports Press Conference

Music & Concert shows

Parties Bar/Bat Mitzvahs